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Why MulticoreWinsoft

We specialize on multi-core optimization and multicore development. We can optimize your existing Windows software to multicore processors which means to make it automatically and efficiently scalable across any number of cores in a multicore processor.

With the advent of multicore processors the way you increase the performance of your software has changed.
To make your software run faster it is not enough now to upgrade the computers of your clients with dual-core machines.
Your software will not double its performance on dual-core processors until it is ready for them, until it is refactored to be automatically scalable on any multicore processors.

MulticoreWinsoft is a cloud software development company with highly skilled developers from various countries.
The more job you give us the more developers will work for you.

It is well-known that multithreading programming requires a very high level of expertise of developers.

Developers at MulticoreWinsoft are in software development for more than 10 years each with 3 to 5 years in concurrent programming. Please, read this useful article about Thread-safe smart pointer. We had parallelized server-side and client-side applications. Our developers can understand other's source code almost at the first glance.

So why don't rely on the experience of our developers in performance critical parts of your software?
Our services
  • Multi-core optimization We can optimize your existing software to be automatically scalable on any multicore processors.
    It can be either a high-load function, class, module or even application.
    It should be your Windows software developed with MS Visual C++.
  • Multicore development We can develop your new software ready for multicore processors.
    It can be either a high-load function, class, module or even application.
  • Multicore migration It could be a one-time optimization of your existing software.
  • Outsourcing You can even outsource any part of your software to MulticoreWinsoft.
How It Works

It involves several steps.

To detect bottlenecks we build your software and run it with some tools like Intel Parallel Studio.

To make your software parallel we use various techniques including:
  • parallelization with OpenMP
  • splitting high-load tasks into parallel subtasks and mapping them onto multiple cores
  • using multicores design patterns
  • lock-free synchronization
  • usual Windows threads and synchronization primitives (including Boost ones)
We can:
  • refactor your code to be scalable on multicore processors
  • redesign your classes to split tasks into several subtasks which can be executed concurrently
Sure, all changes to your source code are to be approved by you.

To test the result software we use static code analysis, runtime error detection tools and our proprietary test techniques which are based on our experience.

At the end of the task we will prepare an optimization report for you. It will contain the performance gain numbers that you get working with MulticoreWinsoft.
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